Real Estate Services

Selling Your Home

Selling your home for the most money, in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of hassle should be a goal for every home seller entering the real estate market. Choose a Realtor with the skills, knowledge, and proven track record to implement a results-oriented program. It doesmatter who is representing you and your home in the market place. Even in a strong seller's market, the plan and approach the Realtor takes regarding marketing and pricing will have an impact on what your final result will be.

Tod Niblock & Associates are results-oriented Realtors. They review a detailed marketing plan with you that will include the latest in Internet marketing plus traditional networking techniques. Then, when you receive an offer (or offers) on your property, Tod Niblock and his Associates have the experience and knowledge that will help you make the best decision.

Tod Niblock & Associates will meet with you in your house or condominium to discuss your plans and goals and outline some of your options. If you are thinking of buying another house or condominium and have a home to sell, they will discuss the risks around buying or selling first. Preparing your home for sale will also be another point of discussion. Tod Niblock & Associates make your real estate education a priority because educated clients make better decisions.


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Buying a Home

Making a solid buying decision on a home or condominium requires a detailed plan, and an experienced Realtor to execute that plan. We take the time to meet with the buyer to discuss their needs, wants and their "wish list". We discuss current market conditions, the length of time and probability of finding the type of home they require, and for the price and terms they are expecting to pay. Reviewing closing costs, financing options and how the real estate system works are all part of a good buying plan. We also make the buyer aware of "buyer agency" and how we work on behalf of the buyer.

As Realtors, we make a commitment to all of our buyers, which are outlined in a 17-point program called Our Commitment to You. We review this program with all of our buyers.

Buying a new home, existing home or condominium is an important decision. Buyers should take the time prior to "house hunting" to meet, and interview their Realtor. Your Realtor's professional skills and judgment will be critical when making that final buying decision. Tod Niblock & Associates rely on referrals from past clients, so we want our buyers to be satisfied with the home buying experience.

We have the tools to help you buy or sell your home!Get in touch today»